Please click on the above to download a copy of the leaflet regarding the Neighbourhood Plan which was recently hand-delivered throughout the parish.

This leaflet has been written, printed and distributed by Broadhembury Parish Council. It has two purposes:

  • To let you know that a second draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is now available for you to read and comment upon; details of where you may obtain a copy are given on page 6 of this leaflet
  • To invite you to a meeting to discuss this draft, at Kerswell Priory EX15 2EA at 7pm on Thursday 29 September 2016.

The next step in the process will depend on your reactions to the draft, given before or at that meeting in September.2

We are hoping, however, that we may soon be able to make a formal submission of the draft Neighbourhood Plan to East Devon District Council (EDDC) for them:

  • to give us their formal support; and
  • to arrange for a nationally-appointed Inspector to review and comment on the draft following a formal period of consultation.

After that, all parishioners on the electoral role will be provided a copy of the latest draft and asked to vote on whether the Neighbourhood Plan should be adopted or not.

If adopted, it will be used by EDDC when considering all future planning applications in the Parish.

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