Great Moor at Kerswell is a parcel of registered Common Land ref: CL-100-5) divided into two segments by a road. The SE side of the road has been converted to a BMX track. This statement sets out the position of Broadhembury Parish Council re. this parcel of Common Land.

The PC understands that the BMX track is unauthorised. Although the section of Common land in question is registered, it has no known owner. However the PC believes that one parishioner has ‘rights of Common’ over this land (an ancient entitlement to graze).

The PC has no responsibility for accident or injury on this land. We have urged the organisers to secure public liability insurance.

The PC has discretionary power to act and may require the land to be vacated and returned to its original state at any time.

This statement is publicised in the interests of clarity and public accountability.

A wider policy statement regarding the position of all common land in the Parish will follow shortly.

Clerk Broadhembury PC
11th August 2017

Published by Broadhembury Parish Council

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