Friday 27th of May saw the official opening of the new plaque at Hembury Fort to detail and record the project work completed by The Hembury Fort Management Team in their preservation efforts these past few months. You may not have been aware of the amount of work that has gone on at the site, which is a testament to the care the team have lavished on the site during their work there. Hembury Fort is technically within the boundaries of Payhembury parish, but many of us in Broadhembury Parish know the site, but perhaps not as much about the history as we could.

The Hembury Fort Management Team have created an excellent website which lays out the work that has been done, why the work needed to be done, and more besides including resources for education and links to other sites which together help explain why this is such a special place.

This excellent video serves as a great primer for the whole project:

The dashed green line on the map below represents the public footpath on Hembury Fort. Take care when driving out as the road can be busy.

Image created using the excellent OS Maps online mapping system available at:


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