Broadhembury Parish (Ecclesiastical) Annual Meeting 20th October

Having taken soundings as to the best way to conduct this years’ delayed APCM and Parishioners’ Meeting, we have decided to hold the meeting in St Andrew’s Church Broadhembury.  The reasons for this decision are:

  • A meeting can be held in a Covid safe manner in the church.
  • An online meeting including video and telephone is still considered to be too exclusive.
  • A hybrid meeting is not possible because of inadequate communications links at the church.

The meeting will be held in the normal pews of the church.  It will begin at 7pm on Tuesday 20th October 2020 with the Parishioners’ Meeting where the Churchwarden(s) are elected.  At that point, those not on the Electoral Roll of the Parish will be asked to exclude themselves from further participation and the APCM will begin.

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