Green Repair Cafe

We hope to set up the Green Repair Cafe in Broadhembury Parish [as soon as Covid regulations make this practicable.] 

Our aims will be to help people fix broken stuff in a friendly atmosphere, so less gets thrown away. A lot of simple repairs can be made quite quickly, you can be shown how to perform these repairs with a little help from people with the know-how. 

We need stuff to repair….

Do you have a bike in the shed with a flat tyre, or gears that need adjusting? A favourite jumper with a hole, a computer printer that refuses to print. Small electrical goods stacked up on their way to the recycling site. Wait there maybe somebody just round the corner that can help you with these repairs. So before you set off to the recycling, put your stuff aside and get in touch so we can let you know when our first repair café is scheduled. 

We need people with skills to help do the repairs……

In preparation for our first local Repair Café we need people with skills who can help us do repairs on; small electrical goods, bikes, mobile phones, clothing, upholstery, tools, and more. 

Let us know now about the repairs you can make and the stuff you have that needs repairing, we can make preparations for a lot of repairs right now.

Repair cafes are non profit making and just run on donations.’

Please use the link below to join our Facebook group where you can get involved and stay updated on the Green Repair Cafe.

Green Repair Cafe

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