Broadhembury Parish Council has been awarded some grant money to allow the purchase of two defibrillator units – one is now sited in the phone box at Kerswell, and the other outside the Memorial Hall in Broadhembury.

If someone collapses with a suspected cardiac arrest near you, then speed of response is paramount.

First – Ring 999 Without Delay

The quicker professional help comes, the higher the chance of survival. As well as taking your details and  providing assistance the Ambulance Service will provide you with the code to access one of the defibrillator cabinets if you or someone near you is able to.

Then, if you, or someone near you is able to, the second thing to do is:

Second – Ring the Broadhembury Emergency Telephone Number – 01404 565 999

The Community Heartbeat Trust who have helped the Parish Council set the scheme up, have setup a special Village Emergency Telephone System/VETS Number for Broadhembury Parish: 01404 565999 This number will automatically alert a list of volunteers within the parish who are trained to use the defibrillator and also to provide first aid assistance if they are able.

Further Information

A laminated business card with the VETS number on, together with some first aid pointers, will be delivered to each house in the parish imminently.

What is a defibrillator? – Community Heartbeat Trust Information Sheet