Neighbourhood Plan

he Localism Act of 2011 created a process called ‘Neighbourhood Planning‘. This aims to put more control about planning matters in the hands of local people. It can also help determine an agenda for local communities to tackle the things which concern them.

Broadhembury Parish Council started work on a neighbourhood plan in 2013. We embarked on this process reluctantly but believed that it would be a good way to determine what the community really wanted, would secure more access to funds and give the community greater say over decisions made by EDDC.

The work has been carried out by four Parish Councillors and four members of the public. The group has been assisted by EDDC’s Neighbourhood Planning Officer and a Consultant. To date the work has cost £20k which has been funded by grants from Central government and initially EDDC. For the first few months our work was carried out as part of a consortium of Blackdown Hills parishes. After the initial start-up phase we each pursued our plans independently.

An important step was to construct the ‘Evidence Base’. This document summarises all the relevant information which has to be taken into account in the process. National Planning Policy Guidelines and the Local Plan have to be followed. Click the following icon to download the document.

Download the Evidence Base

Prior to our work on neighbourhood planning we had conducted our own small survey in Sept 2013. We did this because we wanted to see if people thought there was a need for more housing in the Parish. Click the following icon to download the document:


We then carried out a bigger housing needs survey and the results are available in a report which you can download by clicking on the following icon:


The Community Council of Devon were also asked to assess ‘affordable’ housing need. Their report is available by clicking on the following icon:



Download the draft Neighbourhood Plan here:



The sustainability credentials of the draft have been appraised independently by East Devon. Click on the following icon to download the document:


And finally we have attempted to provide some detailed answers of some recent questions we have received regarding the need for more housing – you may view these by clicking on the following icon:



What happens now?

The next public meeting will take place at Kerswell Priory EX15 2EA at 7pm on Thursday 29 September 2016

Broadhembury Parish Council