Neighbourhood Plan – Draft

Following the publication of the draft of our Neighbourhood Plan, we welcome comments below. As the community’s plan, it is extremely important that you provide us with your comments on it.

Please do so via this page below, or via email to the clerk, or in writing to the clerk.

All comments must come from registered [email addresses will not be published] users for a matter of record. Comments are approved by Councillor McArdle as website admin, as ever fully-mindful of the 7 ‘Nolan’ principles of public life, and with a view to make sure no-one is a victim of inflammatory or offensive comments.

In any doubt, please contact the clerk.

Thank you.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


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  1. This NP is very readable and interesting and shows the PC have thought long and hard as to where they would like the Parish to be in 20-30yrs. time.

  2. I hope that those reading the NP recognise that the plan is based on surveys carried out, meetings held, articles published in the parish magazine and comments received from parishioners. The NP reflects what you have told us and we now look forward to receiving the parish’s comments so that it truly reflects how the parish sees itself evolving over the next twenty years.

  3. Hi, could you let me know where to email comments? the above link sends me to a page with a form or a twitter account. Comments for this will need to accept attachments and documents.
    Many thanks

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